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    Portable Blow Torch / Blowtorch with self ignition and adjustable flame, it lights in a second! Use to light a cold smoker, charcoal, campfires, home log fire, chefs can even use it in the kitchen. It simply twists on to a camping stove butane cartridge. The cans are available at all Bunnings in 4 packs for around $4, and in most camping stores. 

    Twist the gas knob slightly, to turn on gas, fire the trigger, then twist to increase flame. Wait 1 minute to stabilize flame gas pressure before tilting to light charcoal or wood fire, it's best not to tilt more than a 45 degree angle to prevent excessive air and fireball.. 

    - Material: Stainless Steel + plastic
    - Dimensions: 20cm x 6cm x 5.0cm.
    - Maximum flame temperature: 1300'C (adjustable)- Auto-igniting piezo ignition
    - Consumption: 50~140g / hour
    - Easy to replace butane cylinder in 2 seconds
    - Lighting BBQ's and fires
    - Thawing frozen water pipes
    - Hobby and craftwork model making
    - Soldering pipe joints
    - Paint stripping
    - For cooking and catering-flambein, caramelizing, browning, adding color and texture to food, blistering and skinning, finishing foods for presentation.