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  • BLACK SHIELD Extra Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves Box of 100 $25 ( L XL) BBQ TATTOO PIERCING

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    Select L or XL size in drop down menu. For BBQ, TATTOO, PIERCING, PLUMBING. Shipping weight: 0.85kg by volume.

    Professional disposable meat handling gloves for Chefs, BBQ Comp Teams, cool amateurs. Great for handling and slicing up Beef Briskets, and for shredding Pulled Pork. 
    TIP: Wear thin polyester/cotton inner gloves to easily slide in and out of XL Gloves, and to protect hands from hot pulled pork action, and from the cold hand mixing of sausage meats. 

    - Textured Fingers on both sides for extra grip, no left or right hands.
    - Amazing dexterity and feeling
    - New Low Sweat Technology for extended use
    - High Puncture Resistance
    - Chemical Resistance to incidental splashes
    - Made from 100% Nitrile
    - Powder Free, Latex Free, Odour Free
    - Super-Comfortable for extended periods of wear

    See video of Chef John Liu in action cutting a hot Brisket at Cultural Commons Restaurant in Springvale Vic