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  • BLACK SHIELD Extra Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves Box of 100 $20 ( L XL) BBQ TATTOO PIERCING


    Select L or XL size in drop down menu. FOR BBQ, TATTOO, PIERCING.

    Shipping weight: 0.5kg. If purchased individually, we can send in a $9.90 Aust Post Satchel to any Aus postcode.
    Professional disposable meat handling gloves for Chefs, BBQ Comp Teams, cool amateurs. Great for handling and slicing up Beef Briskets, and for shredding Pulled Pork. 
    TIP: Wear thin polyester/cotton inner gloves to easily slide in and out of XL Gloves, and to protect hands from hot pulled pork action, and from the cold hand mixing of sausage meats. 

    - Textured Fingers on both sides for extra grip, no left or right hands.
    - Amazing dexterity and feeling
    - New Low Sweat Technology for extended use
    - High Puncture Resistance
    - Chemical Resistance to incidental splashes
    - Made from 100% Nitrile
    - Powder Free, Latex Free, Odour Free
    - Super-Comfortable for extended periods of wear

    See video of Chef John Liu in action cutting a hot Brisket at Cultural Commons Restaurant in Springvale Vic