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    Now Aussies can use our New Improved Top Quality Australian made Stainless Steel Cold Smoking machine  Comes Fully Assembled!
    This is a serious heavy duty WOOD CHIP COLD SMOKER unit standing at 40cm tall, weighing 4.5kgs. Pellets don't work in it. 
    $200+gst (6kg shipping weight or 9kg if all Add Ons purchased).

    Our new model has a few improvements including an external thread coupling on the smoke outlet pipe to prevent the thread from gumming up with creosote. The pipe thread is Tapered (gets bigger) so just a few spins secures it. 

    Use your own pump, or Select our powerful $50 36ltr/min adjustable Pump in the Drop Down Menu. You can also select other great Add Ons. Small Wood Chips work best, but larger Chips also work if you poke them down occasionally.

    We can send all your 9kgs of Selections for $22 to Metro Postcodes, Non Metro may cost extra. 
    You can also do an Click and Collect In-Person Pickup from our Warehouse at 58 Frankston Gardens Dr. Carrum Downs M-F 8-5. Sat 8-4.

    See detailed  USER INSTRUCTIONS  for usage info and cleaning Tips. It comes assembled, no need to take apart to clean, simply tip upside down to empty ash, and unscrew blow pipe and burn out creosote around the small air pipe with a Blowtorch and push it in.
    Many ask how long does it go for? This all depends what size Chips you use, how many you put in, and the air pump speed setting.

    Fill with Wood Chips and light it with a BUTANE BLOWTORCH or a small Propane Torch nozzle that fits inside the starter holes. 
    Other Wood Chips are available separately here:- AUSSIE WOOD CHIPS Small Fine Chips work best and fall down easily, larger chips need to be poked down occasionally. 

    We can send all your Selections for $22 to Metro Postcodes, Non Metro may cost extra. 
    You can also do an Click and Collect In-Person Pickup from our Warehouse at 58 Frankston Gardens Dr. Carrum Downs M-F 8-5. Sat 8-4.

    OPTIONAL CONDENSATION MOISTURE TRAP (Patent Pending) - this is genius, it fits between the Smoker Pipe and the Fridge or BBQ. It captures the moisture from the hot smoke and drips it down into the black pipe trap. This is Liquid Smoke and can be used in BBQ Sauces. Use it to create dry smoke for smoking salts, dry Chilli's, and cheeses. Only minimal condensation is caught with high pump speed as the air flows too fast through the trap, slow down the air flow to catch moisture and to create a drier smoke. 200mm long rubber hoses attached to the T-Piece works best, as longer hoses sag with heat.

     COLD SMOKE GENERATOR comes fully assembled with:-

    - Our STAINLESS STEEL LOGO COLD SMOKER MACHINE. 40cm Tall 26cm Wide 11cm Deep. 
    - Threaded outlet stainless steel pipe 25mm W 150mm long. Screw in loosely so it can be undone easily later as Creosote will gum up and seal the threads. Heat up threaded end to undo later if stuck.
    - LID WITH TIMBER SEAL INSERT. The insert prevents the Lid from getting hot & stops smoke leaks and creosote dripping going down the outside walls. 
    The wood insert gets coated and sealed with creosote on 1st smoke.
    - FOLDED STAINLESS STEEL WOOD CHIP FLOOR. To empty ash out, simply tip Smoker upside down. 
    - 600mm 10mm PUMP AIR HOSE. Connects air pump to Smoker.
    - 800mm ORANGE PIPE CLEANER to clear air pipe. Clear creosote out of narrow steel air pipe, pass through and out.
    - 5 COLD SMOKER TAR PADDLE CLEANERS. More available in Drop Down Menu. (Added 7/9/20) 
    - SS BASE BRACKET & BOLTS. The Machine Base can sit on a shelf, or be bolted to a BBQ, old Shop Coke Fridge, Smoker Cabinet, Smoker Shed, or Wine Barrel. You supply the screws or bolts to fasten to a BBQ , Cabinet, or Fridge.

    Our Cold Smoker Machine was Blue Printed, Engineered and Laser Cut in solid Stainless Steel by a Professional local Engineering Shop. They analysed the current Cold Smoke Generators on the market like The Butch, Aussie Smoke Bloke, UFO, and Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna, Cold Smokers, and fixed all the problems that users have experienced with them. 

    Prob 1:-  Most Lids glue shut with creosote and get hot.
                  -  Our SS lid is loose fit and has an insert of timber hanging underneath to seal the chamber and prevent smoke and condensation coming up and dripping down the outside staining the Stainless Steel, the insert also contains the heat and prevents the lid from getting hot.
    Prob 2:- Metal handles get hot. 
                   - Our handle is a solid SS tube that is kept cool by the air pumping through it.
    Prob 3:- Wood Chips usually sit on a steel fly screen floor that contorts and burns through, and falls out when tipping ash out.
                   - We have a solid perforated SS folded floor base that supports the Chips above, it sits under the air pipe and won't fall out. To empty out ash, just tip Smoker upside down, no need to unscrew base bolts.
    Prob 4:- Thin air pump tubes are usually inserted into the Cold Smoker but they get hot, stiff and brittle.
                   - Our air hose is larger diameter and stronger quality and attaches firmly to the outside of the air inlet pipe.
    Prob 5:- Smoke outlet pipes are usually welded on and cannot be removed to clean out the buildup of black creosote tar that blocks airflow.
                  - Our SS outlet pipe is threaded and can be loosely screwed on. It can be easily unscrewed and tar can be scraped out with a screwdriver, or burnt out with a blowtorch. If pipe thread sticks, heat up thread end with a blowtorch, then unscrew and wipe creosote off thread.  
    Prob 6:- Many Cold Smoke Generators produce thin streams of smoke because of using a thin steel air pipe.
                   - We used larger diameter SS tubing that produces a large fat smoke stream.
    Prob 6:- The air pumps usually supplied with Smoke Generators are too small and gutless and cannot be adjusted. 
                   - Our large heavy duty air pump is adjustable from 1-36ltrs per min and will fill a 20ft Container on full blast!   
    Prob 7:- Air Pumps usually have to be turned on/off at the power point.
                  - Our pump turns off when dial turned to 0.

    Use a Gutter Leaf Scoop to easily pour Wood Chips in.

    - Scrub scratches and stains off with a green Scotch Brite scourer pad only. Harsher scourers make nasty scratches.
    - To clear out built up black sticky creosote from narrow steel air pipe: poke orange pipe cleaner through.
    - To clear out built up black sticky creosote from large steel outlet pipe: Unscrew pipe, if stuck, heat screw end with blowtorch to loosen, and scrape out tar with screwdriver or paddle pop stick. I use a blowtorch to burn out tar into powder. Wipe the creosote off the pipe thread so it screws back in easily, screw in loosely so it can be undone easily later.
    - Wipe off sticky creosote easily with Bunnings Diggers Acetone, it's found in their Paint Section. 


    See how a Professional Salmon Smokehouse is using and loving our new Cold Smoker Machine:-

    Cold Smoking 120kgs of fresh Jalapenos in an ex Shop Fridge with our much used Cold Smoke Generator: