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  • 10kg AUS NATURAL MOUNTAIN GUM QUICK LIGHT KINDLING FIREWOOD for Wood Heaters & table top Wood Fired Pizza Ovens


    AUSTRALIAN MOUNTAIN GUM QUICK LIGHT KINDLING FIREWOOD for Wood Heaters & use as Wood Fired Pizza Oven Firewood. 10kg Box. $25+gst.
    We can send 1 carton for $22, or 2 for $27.50 by Courier to METRO Postcodes, non metro may cost more.

    Use as Fireplace Kindling or as hot easy lighting 25cm long Firewood that is just the right size to fuel Table Top WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVENS like UUNI OONI, DELIVITA, PICCOLO, JUMBUCK TORINO, COOKMASTER, VALORIANI or BULL BBQ PIZZA OVEN. 

    We found an Australian Mountain Gum Hardwood that is used for Construction, but when cut into small kindling size 25cm long pieces, it is amazing for starting a fire very quickly.
    It contains a high amount of Natural flammable eucalyptus oil that is fast lighting. One Firelighter under a few cross stacked pieces lights it all in a minute. One Bunnings Samba ECO WOOD WOOL Natural Firelighter works great.
    - Use to easily start a Wood Heater or Coonara with just one Firelighter and stack larger firewood on top.

    The compact size, high heat and low ash makes it the best easy light Wood Fuel for small Table Top Wood Fired Pizza ovens. 

    For longer lasting Pizza Firewood try our 25cm HARDWOOD GRAPEVINE LOGS