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  • ANCIENT 200-300 YR OLD RED GUM LARGE CUTTING BOARDS Finished in Linseed Oil and Aus Beeswax


    Select & Pick Up Only as they are big and heavy. Several to choose from, price related to size. $250-$350 
    (+gst) each.
    We can wrap in cardboard and send via Courier to Metro Postcodes for $27.50 postage. Many more available. We prefer you visit us and pick your favourite but we will post more pics soon for online selection for delivery.

    We have created 600mm-700mm long Cutting Boards from 200-300yr Red Gum trees that fell naturally in the Barmah State Forest and were harvested about 70 yrs ago by a Sawmill that held 'Scavenger Rights' on the Ancient Fallen Trees. The larger Boards came from Huge Red Gum Trees that were growing when Captain Cook arrived here in 1770 !

    The Ancient Trees were big and have dense dark red grained wood, the large Logs dried out at 1" per year. They were cut into Slabs 10yrs ago, strapped together in tight bundles, and dried slowly.

    The 6 week process to make each Board involved laboriously shaving 1/2" of wood off each very hard timber side, to expose the precious blood red colours of Ancient wood with it's many different grain patterns, then coating the Boards with 2 coats of Linseed Oil that each took 2wks to dry. We then coated them in a finishing coat of Food Safe Cutting Board Beeswax and let dry for another week.
    We sell the precious offcuts for BBQ SMOKING CHUNKS. Upset a Greenie today by smoking your meats with Ancient Wood!

    The old blood red wood is very hard and we spent a lot of time cutting and sanding, to turn them into Cutting Boards that are truly a Work of Art, the $250-$350 that we ask for the various sized Boards barely covers our cost and time spent. Each Board has it's own unique grain pattern and they are all Heirloom Pieces. Some have the much sought after Fiddleback grain pattern. Some have sawn side edges, others have natural Live Edge sides.

    Our theory on the Fiddleback grain is that it is formed at the wide base of huge 300yr old trees as the weight compresses and contorts the grain and makes waves of colour.