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  • AMERICAN PORK SPICE 200g miss USA Foods ? Tastes same as JIMMY DEAN AMERICAN PORK SAUSAGE. Also good on Ribs, in Sausage Rolls and Stuffing!


    Tastes just like Jimmy Dean American Pork Sausage! Do you miss your favourite USA Foods ? we have an answer.

    Mix/knead whole 200g bag into 5kg Pork mince for that authentic U.S. breakfast sausage flavour that you remember. It's sweet and aromatic. Fry patties or make sausages. Vegan, Gluten free, no preservatives. 

    Use 40g per kg of mince, or mix the whole 200g bag into 5kgs of pork mince and freeze some for later. Use your hands to knead it through the pork mince. The perfect sweet sausage to have with pancakes and maple syrup. 

    Also good with 50/50 Pork/Turkey Mince blend, add dry Cranberries for bursts of flavour. Any Mince including Vegetarian can be used.

    American Pork Spice is great sprinkled on Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Fish, & Chicken. Also good in Aussie Sausage Rolls and Chicken or Turkey Stuffing. Make a batch of American Pork sausage with dry Cranberries and mix with a box of Stuffing Mix for the best Turkey Stuffing!  
    Our min postage is $9.90 for a Small Aust Post Satchel, but we can send up to 4 x 200g bags in the Satchel. 

    To form the seasoned mince into a tight Jimmy Dean Roll', shape the meat into a big tootsie roll and wrap tight with glad wrap and roll it, then refrigerate till firm for slicing the patties. Freeze spare wrapped rolls for 'ron' ie. later on. 


    In a bowl, mix the Spice through the mince with your hands by repeatedly squeezing one hand closed to squish the flavours evenly through the meat, then cover and leave in fridge for a while to let the great flavours penetrate through the meat. 
    Optional: Add dried Cranberries!
    Spoon out with a tablespoon or shape into burgers with wet hands, and fry up as Patties, it's simpler than making actual sausages. Cook for about 8 mins, flipping regularly, or until the internal temperature is min 160°. 
    To store in freezer: Roll into logs and wrap in Glad Wrap for slicing into patties later. 1/2 thawed slices best.

    - Mix pork sausage mince with American Pork Sausage Spice 40g/kg
    - wrap it around 4 min semi soft boiled eggs. 
    - Smoke or bake for 2-3 hrs. 
    - Microwave one or 2 for breakfast, also great for a cold Tradie lunch.

    Our "Jimmy Dean" Seasoning is a big hit on Aus U.S. FB Pages and orders have flooded in, see a few Customer FEEDBACKS:-
    29/8/20 - I recently purchased the American Pork Sausage spice. I must say you got the flavour right. I added some dried cranberries as well as some maple syrup to the mince. I’m singing “Take me home....Country the place....” 😊'

    14/09/20 - Hey as an american that's been living down here for 14 yrs I'd like to thank you for making your American pork sausage spice mix. I bought some the other week and finally tried it this morning. It was like I was at a diner stateside. I've tried all the recipes on line to try and recreate breakfast sausage and it never turned out quite right. You guys have nailed it. I'm also a bbq guy with weber kettle collection and an off set. I think I've now found my favourite place for my smoking needs. Thanks again, Ernie