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  • AMERICAN PORK SPICE 200g - tastes same as JIMMY DEAN PORK SAUSAGE. Good in Sausage Rolls!


    American Pork Spice is great sprinkled on Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Fish, & Chicken. It’s sweet and aromatic and is also perfect for making American Pork Breakfast Sausage. Vegan, Gluten free, no preservatives. Also good in Aussie Sausage Rolls.

    If you have been to the States and miss American Pork Sausage that is served at breakfast with Pancakes & Maple Syrup, you can now eat them here as we have perfected the Recipe for us all to enjoy the same great sweet sausage here in Aus! Tastes just like U.S. Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage.
    Add to Pork mince for that authentic U.S. breakfast sausage flavour. 200g makes 5kg sausages or patties. Use 40g per kg of mince. Combine Pork mince with 1/4 Turkey mince for lean Patties. The perfect sweet sausage to have with pancakes and maple syrup. 
    You can use any mince, including vegetarian, for great sweet sausages.

    In a bowl, mix the Spice through the mince with your hands by repeatedly squeezing one hand closed to squish the flavours evenly through the meat, then cover and leave in fridge for a while to let the great flavours penetrate through the meat. 
    Optional: Add dried Cranberries!
    Spoon out with a tablespoon or shape into burgers with wet hands, and fry up as Patties, it's simpler than making actual sausages. Cook for about 8 mins, flipping regularly, or until the internal temperature is min 160°. 
    Store in freezer: Roll into logs and wrap in Glad Wrap for slicing into patties later.

    - Mix pork sausage mince with American Pork Sausage Spice 40g/kg
    - wrap it around 4 min semi soft boiled eggs. 
    - Smoke or bake for 2-3 hrs. I smoked mine on sweet MHC Comp Lumberjack Pellets in the Pit Boss Pellet Cooker.
    - Microwave one or 2 for breakfast, also great for a cold Tradie lunch.