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    We now offer a unique Australian Orchid Potting Mix Blend using 3 ingredients that inhibit Bacteria, retain moisture, provides good drainage, allows the roots to grow into a stable base for the plant, and has nutritional value:-

    1) Natural Red Gum Wood Charcoal 5-15mm pieces.
    2) Pure 15mm Pine Bark Nuggets
    3) 14mm natural Volcanic Porous Scoria Rock  
    $15+gst. Shipping to Metro Postcodes is $19.80, non Metro may cost you more. Cash Pickups avail from us at 58 Frankston Gardens Dr. Carrum Downs M-F 8-5 Sat 8-4.
    BULK PICKUP AVAILABLE AT $2/kg cash. Bring your own containers.
    We also offer a Bulk 16kg Bag sent in a large $22 Metro Courier Carton.

    Charcoal is added to Orchid Potting Mix for several reasons:
    - Sweetens the potting mix.
    - Is an ODOUR ELIMINATOR, removes musty jungle smell of Orchids.
    - Absorbs Salt & Toxins that accumulate from using Synthetic Fertilisers, and prevents that white salt powder crust generating at pot base. Salt Buildup lowers PH, low PH levels cause Root Burn which kills roots. Dead roots invite Bacteria which lowers PH even more.
    - Eliminates Bacteria by binding Ammonium and Nitrogen.
    - Charcoal should keep the PH level in the Potting Media at 5.5 –> 6.5
    - Retains water so you water plants a lot less, if water runs out the base, you watered too much as the charcoal is at full capacity of it’s water absorption capability.
    Charcoal improves Plant stability as roots have something to cling onto.  
    - Charcoal is very long lasting and takes many tears to break down.
    - Filter impurities.

    Coal is from the ground and is unsustainable.
    Our Red Gum Hardwood Charcoal Bio-Char is made from cooking Red Gum Wood in a 2 ton kiln without oxygen.
    It is set fully alight without any nasty accelerants, then the kiln lid is locked down tight and the little air drawn from breather pipes at the bottom allow it to burn very slowly with minimal air.
    The Carbon does not escape like in a Bushfire. but is captured and bound in the Charcoal. BBQ Charcoal is graded by it’s Carbon Content, Red Gum has a very high Carbon Content and is great for this Potting Mix and for Gardens.