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  • 5kg Bag of LUMBER JACK SMOKER PELLETS - Select from 7 Flavours! for Cold Smoker, UUNI Pizza Oven


    5kg Bag of LUMBERJACK SMOKER PELLETS. Select Pellet flavour from drop down menu. $30 + gst. 
    Use in Smoker Cans on Gas BBQ, UUNI Pizza Oven, or in our Cold Smokers: THE SMOKING BARREL & LUMBER JACK WEDGIE 

    LUMBERJACK APPLE BLEND 40% Apple 60% Red Oak
    - Mild sweet flavour - good with Pork or smoked cheese.
    - Mild and Fruity smoke – gives a beautiful rose colour to all meats.
    LUMBERJACK COMPETITION BLEND (MHC) 1/3 Maple 1/3 Hickory 1/3 Cherry
    - The most popular blend – ideal for all foods.
    - Traditional BBQ favourite – good with beef, pork, or poultry.
    LUMBERJACK HICKORY BLEND 40% Hickory, 60% Red Oak
    - Especially good with beef, pork, poultry, or game birds.
    LUMBERJACK SWEETWOOD BLEND (MBC) 1/3 Maple 1/3 Beech 1/3 Cherry
    - Mild combination of sweet woods – phenomenal flavour.
    LUMBERJACK SUPREME BLEND (OHC) 1/3 Oak 1/3 Hickory 1/3 Cherry
    - Maintains higher temps for hot cooks, and is good flavour for smoking any food.