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  • 4kg BULK FRESH CRACKED PEPPER SEASONING for Cooking and making BRISKET BBQ RUBS 16/24 mesh $25/kg!

    $120.00 $100.00

    4 x 1kg Resealable Bags of Cracked Black Pepper from Cambodia, it has a little heat and can be used to add zest to BBQ Rubs and many dishes. Roll corned beef in Cracked Pepper to make Pastrami. 16/24 mesh coarse kibbled. We fresh crack it for maximum flavour.
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    Try our DALMATION BRISKET RUB It is a Blend of Cracked Pepper and Soft Delicate sweet Aussie Kosher Sea Salt Fakes. It is good on anything!

    Make your own Pastrami: 
    - Rinse and soak Corned Silverside Corned Beef in fresh water for 1hr to wash salt brine out.
    - Mix this medium heat cracked pepper with our tasty 
    GUNPOWDER RUB into a bowl. 3 parts Cracked Pepper to 1 part GUNPOWDER.
    - Roll Corned Silverside chunks in it to heavily coat the meat.
    - BBQ Smoke or cook in oven to internal meat temp 82c.  
    - Rest for min 30 mins and cut thin slices with a sharp knife.

    Piper nigrum (Black Pepper peppercorns). Black pepper comes from the Piper nigrum pepper plant, a smooth woody vine that can grow up to 33 feet in hot and humid tropical climates. This hotly pungent spice is one of the earliest known and most widely used spices in the world today. Once used as currency and presented to the gods as a sacred offering, it is fortunate that this most popular of spices is available throughout the year. A pinch of black pepper is added to almost every type of recipe imaginable.

    High in antioxidants
    Has anti-inflammatory properties
    May benefit your brain
    May improve blood sugar control
    May lower cholesterol levels
    May have cancer-fighting properties
    A versatile spice.