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  • DIY MAKIN BACON CURE KIT 280g - All you need to create 3kg of Smokey Maple Bacon!


    DIY MAKIN BACON KIT – All you need to make Sweet Smokey Maple Bacon from Pork Belly.
    - 1tsp 
    12.5% Prague #1  strength Pink Salt cure
    - Maple Syrup Powder
    - Dark Brown Sugar
    - Cherry Smoked Aussie Kosher Sea Salt
    - Red Gum & Cherry Smoked Black Peppercorns

    How to make and cure Smoked Maple Bacon at home is easy, we have done all the work, and prepared a Smokey Dry Brine Cure that you simply rub all over a 2-3kg Pork Belly, then put it in our Tall Boy Briner Bag and store in Fridge for 5 days to cure and transform Pork into Bacon.
    To Brine and Smoke Ham see our BRINE PORK INTO SMOKED HAM Page.

    The KIT contains a 280g bag of MAKIN BACON CURE, 1 pair Lg BLACK NITRILE GLOVES & our TALL BOY BRINER BAG (440mm H 300mm W 130mm D).
    Shipping weight 400g, if ordered separately, we send up to 2 Kits in a $9.90 Satchel.

    - Buy approx 3.6kg Pork Belly without bones, buy 1 large piece or 2 pieces, and cut off rind and thick fat layer.
      When Rind is removed, you end up with around 2.8kg of Pork to cure into Bacon.

    - Put Nitrile Meat Gloves on and Rub entire 280g bag of MAKIN BACON CURE on and into all meat surfaces. Break up any brown sugar lumps and spread mix evenly over the surfaces.  (For a smaller 1-1.5kg Pork Belly, just use ½ the bag)

    - Place Rubbed Pork into our TALL BOY BRINER BAG, squeeze out air and close Ziploc seal and place bag flat on it’s side in the fridge.

    - The Cure will draw out moisture, to create a wet Brine. Turn bag over each day and massage Brine it into the meat.

    - On Day 6, take the Bacon out and rinse off thoroughly under the tap to get the salt out.

    - Partially fill bag with water so Bacon is submerged, seal and leave upright in sink for 30 mins to draw out the remaining salt.

    - Pat dry with paper towels and place on an elevated wire cake or oven grill rack on a tray, and put in Fridge uncovered for 1-2 days to dry. The Fridge acts as a Dehumidifier.

    You will then have Sweet Smokey flavoured Maple Bacon, slice and fry it, or Smoke it with Cherry Wood to take it to the next level, see below. Keep some in the fridge for cooking, freeze the rest in unsliced sections. 

    Double Smoked Bacon Method:-
    - Place your cured Bacon into a BBQ Smoker and smoke with Cherry Wood Chips, Cherry Chunks or
    Smoker Pellets on indirect 110C/230F heat for around 2hrs till internal meat temp is 66C/150F.
    - Cool in Fridge and slice up thin strips and fry, bake in Oven, or Air Fry. It will be the best Bacon you have ever tasted! This Smokey Bacon will transform your Hamburgers into a tasty feast! 


    Try it on:-
    - A Burger
    - Put Strips in and around a stuffed Beef Fatty mince roll.

    - Wrap sausages or mince balls and secure with toothpick.
    - Dice up on Pizza, on Baked Potato & Sour Cream, or stir into scrambled eggs.
    - Make “Bacon Rollups”: spread Peanut Butter on strips and roll up and secure with toothpick, then cook in BBQ Smoker or Oven.
    - Roll up stuffed Jalapeno Poppers. See how: 
    Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

    - Make Smoked Bacon Candy by brushing thick bacon strips with Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar glaze and Smoke or Bake.

     See Customer Kellie's fantastic Bacon made with our Kit: