Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

    $250.00 $200.00

    Decorate your Fish Tank Aquarium with the colours of unique gnarly shaped natural Aussie Mallee Root wood. $10/kg +gst. We cooked and sterilised the wood in a high pressure commercial steam pressure cooker to sterilise them and remove tannins and impurities. Simply place in your Aquarium. 

    Cash pickups and wood selection available from our Warehouse at 58 Frankston Gardens Dr. Carrum Downs Mon-Fri 8-5. Sat 8-4.

    Use Drop Down Menu to select sizes of wood to total 10kg. We can send in a 25kg Courier carton to Metro postcodes for $27.50 delivery. 

    We have selected the most interesting colourful and uniquely shaped pieces to use as Decorative Driftwood Aquatic Wood, then boiled and sterilised them in a huge commercial Steam High Pressure Cooker.

    Tannins have been boiled out, and all microbes, bacteria, algae, and insects have been steamed out and removed.

    Use these decorative wood pieces as ornaments, in or out of the water. 

    If placing on a Fireplace Mantle or shelf, simply spray with polyurethane or estapol to preserve the natural Aussie Bush colours and prevent cracking.

    If putting in an Aquarium, soak overnight in warm water to waterlog the wood so it will sit on the Tank floor.