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250g MEATSOFT MEAT TENDERISER BRINE - Do a 60-90min Brine of Beef, Venison, Roo Steaks, or Pork & Lamb Chops, then cook meats that you can Fork Cut!


250g MEATSOFT MEAT TENDERISER BRINE - Makes any Beef, Venison, or Roo Steak, or Pork & Lamb Chop so tender you can cut it with a fork! Resealable ziploc bag. Hydrate, moisten, and tenderise Steaks or Chops at the same time.
We also offer 
STEAKSOFT which is MEATSOFT plus GUNPOWDER SMOKED ACTIVATED RED GUM CHARCOAL PEPPER SALT RUB, which is especially designed for Beef Steaks. 

MEATSOFT is a combination of MOIST MEAT BOMB Hydration Salts with 3 Natural Fruit extract enzyme meat tenderizers: Kiwi Fruit, Papaya, and Pineapple, to create a soft silent Fruit Enzyme explosion that will render Steaks and Chops soft and tender. No MSG. 
The Fruit Enzymes help with your digestion and processing of meats. Papaya acts as a digestive enzyme for good Gut health.

-       -    Simply mix 1/3 cup with 2 cups water in a 1:6 ratio and submerge steaks for 60-90 mins.
   Use any size scoop to mix 1 scoop MEATSOFT with 6 scoops water.
-   Submerge in a container and put in fridge for 60-90 mins, or use less brine by submerging in a ziplock bag and squeeze out air.
-   Take out of brine, rinse off with water, and pat dry.
-   Grill, Reverse Sear, Fry, crumb into Schnitzel, or slice up & Stir Fry with veggies.

DO NOT INJECT INTO ROASTS OR BRISKETS AS IT WILL TURN THEM INTO MUSH IN A LONG LOWnSLOW COOK. STEAKSOFT & MEATSOFT contain powerful Fruit Enzymes that break down meat muscle fibers and is designed to be used only in a SHORT 60-90 min Brine of thinner cuts of meat. 2 hrs of Brining is too long as the Fruit Enzymes are very powerful in breaking down meat, the steaks get a bit too soft, we suggest 60-90 mins maximum. The meats have to be eaten straight away hot, as they go softer and wet in the fridge.

Large chunks of meat need to be injected, as submerged Brining only works with thinner cut meats like Steak, Schnitzels and Chops. 
Inject Beef Briskets with MOIST MEAT BOMB and water or Beef Broth.
Inject Pork Chunks with MOIST and your favourite marinade, the Boss uses Woolies 2ltr Orange Mango juice for sweet tasty Pulled Pork. 

The Brining time of 60-90mins depends on the quality, thickness of Steaks or Chops, and cooking method. We found that a 90min Brine is ideal for Pan Fried Steaks & Chops, but only 1 hr Brining is required for Reverse Seared Smoked Steaks & Chops. Reverse Sear method involves low heat smoking for 1-2hrs then high heat sear to finish, this allows the enzymes to keep tenderizing for another 1-2hrs.