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  • 1kg RETAILER HEAT SEALED STANDUP POUCH BAG of LUMBER JACK SMOKER PELLETS - Select from 7 Flavours! for Cold Smoker, UUNI Pizza Oven


    1kg Bag of LUMBERJACK SMOKER PELLETS in Retailer bags. Select Pellet flavour from drop down menu. $8+gst. 
    Use in Smoker Cans on Gas BBQ, UUNI Pizza Oven, or in our Cold Smokers: THE SMOKING BARREL & LUMBER JACK WEDGIE 

    A double sided Rack Card is available to Retailers, Dealers can add their business contact information to the front of the card. The back of the card lists all Lumber Jack pellet varieties and offers suggestions for what type of food to use with each variety.
    LUMBERJACK APPLE BLEND 40% Apple 60% Red Oak
    - Mild sweet flavour - good with Pork or smoked cheese.
    - Mild and Fruity smoke – gives a beautiful rose colour to all meats.
    LUMBERJACK COMPETITION BLEND (MHC) 1/3 Maple 1/3 Hickory 1/3 Cherry
    - The most popular blend – ideal for all foods.
    - Traditional BBQ favourite – good with beef, pork, or poultry.
    LUMBERJACK HICKORY BLEND 40% Hickory, 60% Red Oak
    - Especially good with beef, pork, poultry, or game birds.
    LUMBERJACK SWEETWOOD BLEND (MBC) 1/3 Maple 1/3 Beech 1/3 Cherry
    - Mild combination of sweet woods – phenomenal flavour.
    LUMBERJACK SUPREME BLEND (OHC) 1/3 Oak 1/3 Hickory 1/3 Cherry
    - Maintains higher temps for hot cooks, and is good flavour for smoking any food.