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    We have created an exciting new Gourmet Smoking Chunk for your enjoyment. 1kg standup RetailerPouch Bag.

    A limited number of Chunks have been cut from from a 60 yr old 3,000ltr Port Barrel, and soaked in Tawny Port for 7 days. then dried and bagged. Place on coals for a sweet deep red grape bouquet flavour to smoke marinade meats like Fish, Chicken, or Pork.

    Chunks are the simplest method of smoking, just place on coals for up to 2 hrs of good BBQ smoke. For Gas BBQ's, wedge a couple Chunks between a side burner and a BBQ panel, and keep that burner on low to smolder the Chunks.

     For the Aldi Coolabah Gas Smoker: Push the smoker box tray back as far as you can against the back wall, split 2 BBQ Smoker Chunks into half or quarters and place in the smoker box against the wall, and close the lid. Chunks won’t ignite and burn up like Wood Chips tend to do in this hot gas smoker. Smoker wood needs to smolder, not catch fire.