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    1kg Standup Pouch Bag of Pure Coarse Crushed Walnut Shells.
    Coarse Grade 12-15 mesh approx 1.2cm. We also offer Fine 30-40 mesh.

    It adds a mild nutty smoke flavour to Fish, Chicken & Seafood, but can can be used for a variety of purposes:
    - Use in a smoking box or can.
    - Toss on coals or Gas BBQ lava rocks or on Heat Diffuser Plate.
    - Mix with Sawdusts in a Smoker Box, to assist sawdust smoldering process.
    - Use in The Smoking Gun electric smoke infuser.
    - Craft: Fill Pin Cushions, to keep pins sharp.
    - Teeth Whitening: Place a scoop in boiling water and leave for 15 mins, then use the liquid on your toothbrush as a mild abrasive to brush away tartar and stains.
    - Facial Scrub, Exfoliating cream, body scrub:- Place a scoop in boiling water and leave for 15 mins, then mix the liquid with liquid soap, oil, or moisturising creams. The Fine Crushed Walnut Shells can be stirred directly into liquids.
    - Sand Blasting aluminium & thin metals, or car parts like carburetors.
    Fine may work better.

    - For 1 hr+ of smoke: Use normal Tuna can, cut top off, eat tuna and wash out, punch a few holes in top, 1/3 fill with Crushed Walnut Shells, top up with our smoking sawdust, put lid on to restrict air, place on gas diffuser plate above a burner, or put on hot coals. It's that Easy! shhh.. it's the Boss's secret to get BBQ smoking sawdust to fully smolder in a smoker can. Creates quick easy nutty smoke and is GREAT under Chicken Satay Sticks!