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1kg bag LOQUAT SMOKING CHUNKS - Japanese smoking wood favourite


A favourite wood to Cold or Hot Smoke Fish in Japan and Taiwan. We found some that is grown here in Aus.

Being related to Apricot, Plum and Apple, it is good smoke flavour for PORK, POULTRY, SEAFOOD, CHEESE. Especially good for FISH.

Loquat wood smoke is very popular in TAIWAN where it us used to commercially smoke " Katsuo " from Skipjack Tuna or Mackerel. They smoke the fish with circulating hot air and smoke at 90c for 8hrs, then 70-80c for 10 days. The smoked Katsuo is then cut into small pieces or flaked.

The JAPANESE Smoke KATSUOBUSHI by removing the head and guts from Tuna, then boiling it for 1 hour before smoking it with Loquat Wood. It can also be Fermented by rubbing a special Mold on the brown smoked fish. After being smoked for 7-10 days, the fish look like pieces of hard brown wood which are then sliced thin or flaked. The smoked fish then can also be Fermented by rubbing a special Mold on them.

Guinness World Records considers Katsuobushi the hardest food in the world. Katsuobushi is so hard that you could make a knife out of it. 
What is Katsuobushi?

Katsuobushi, a traditional ingredient in washoku, or Japanese cuisine, are fillets of katsuo (skipjack tuna) smoked and dried by a special process. The shaved flakes are used to make dashi stock for soup, and also eaten as a topping. 
Video showing Japanese Smoking Method