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    1kg bag of GRAPEVINE / GRAPE VINE Chunks. Combination of thick Chardonnay & Pinot Trunks.

    We at cut down and slowly air dry local thick Pinot Grapevine Trunks, then cut them into Smoking Chunks. Simply sit 1 or 2 next to coals to create tasty smoke flavour. 

    Grapevine smoke is strong, you don't need much. For Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb. 

    Works great for Reverse Seared Steaks, place steak away from low heat coals and smoke for 60mins, then do 2 min high heat sear of each side.

    GRAPEVINE BBQ Smoke provides a strong fruity robust tart aroma, it's slightly sweeter than Hickory, and as aromatic as other fruit woods. Grape vines are known to go well with virtually any meat. Start sparingly when first using, as grape vines can overpower meats.