Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper
  • 1kg bag AUSSIE CHUNKS - Select wood type


    1kg bag. SELECT FROM: Australian Oak / Post Oak - Mallee Root - Messmate - Red Box - Red Gum - Red Ironbark - Tea Tree - Yellow Box. 

    Approx 2" thick WOOD CHUNKS of varying diameters, supplied in hessian bag with loop rope tie to hang in Shops. Simply sit on coals to create easy tasty smoke flavours. Chop smaller if required.

    Australian Oak:_Medium strength country flavour for all foods. aka Messmate. Similar to U.S. Post Oak.
    Mallee Root:____Ancient Aussie flavour for Chicken, Beef, Lamb.
    Messmate:______Medium strength country flavour for all foods. aka Aus Oak.
    Red Box:________Best with Pork, colours meats red. Turn grey lamb chops into red pork chops!
    Red Gum:_______aka Aussie Hickory, strong flavour for all foods but can oversmoke and dry out Brisket.
    Red Ironbark:___Mild smoke for all foods. Most Restaurants use it for a mild generic smoke flavour.
    Tea Tree:_______Mild earthy woody flavour for Fish and Chooks. Aboriginals & Maoris love it.
    Yellow Box
    :_____Fantastic on Lamb, the rock hard Chunks last hours and create caramel smokey golden Lamb Legs!

    Pic of grey Lamb Chops turned red with Red Box smoke: