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  • 1kg bag ANCIENT RED GUM BBQ SMOKER CHUNKS 200-300 yrs old! Sweet Hickory flavour. Great with Burgers.



    They produce a slightly sweet rich Hickory like smoke, with notes of Vanilla and Tawny Port. Upset a Greenie and smoke your meats with Ancient Tree Wood! Great Unique Smoke flavour for Brisket, Burgers, Beef Ribs. Smoke the best Hamburgers you have ever tried!
    Try smoking STUFFED BURGERS:
    - Flatten out a 50/50 Pork/Beef, or Regular Beef Mince patty thin.
    - Place cooked bacon, garlic, onion, jalapeno, cheese etc on top.
    - Flatten another patty and place on top, and pinch outside edges to seal it.
    - Shake a generous coat of BOURBON BBQ RUB all over.
    - Smoke the burger to 71C internal, probe the meat, not the soft centre.
    N.B. The cheese usually leaks out if you Fry or Grill it, but Hot Smoking for 60-90mins keeps it whole with no leaks. 

    These are the precious offcuts from making our ANCIENT RED GUM CUTTING BOARDS from 200-300yr Red Gum trees that fell naturally in the Barmah State Forest and were harvested about 70 yrs ago by a Sawmill that held 'Scavenger Rights' on the Ancient Fallen Trees. The larger Cutting Boards came from Red Gum Trees that were growing when Captain Cook arrived here in 1770 !

    The Ancient Trees were big and have dense dark red grained wood, the large Logs dried out at 1" per year. They were cut into Slabs 10yrs ago, strapped together in tight bundles, and air dried naturally.
    We also offer a $8/kg 5kg Hessian Bag.