Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

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    100 24"x36"Sheets Bulk Satchel can be sent to any Postcode for $19.80 postage if ordered separately! $90+gst.
    5kg Shipping weight by volume for combined shipping.

    N.B. Our large 150ft or 1,000ft heavy Rolls can only be sent via COURIER to Metro Postcodes, so this is your answer to get 300ft of convenient sized sheets to non Metro areas. We also offer a 50 Sheet Pack.
    To cut sheets in half, we also sell inexpensive Mini Paper Cutters 

    The original Texas style Meat Smoking Paper. 
    Other smoking Butcher Papers do not have FDA Food & Drug Administration Certification for safe use with Food.

    Pink Butcher Paper Uses:
     • ‘Insulating Wrap’ to protect and crank up internal temp of Meats, while continuing to Smoke and keep
    the crusty Bark dry!
     • Wrap delicate Fish, Oysters, Seafood, Veggies, Bacon, Beef Fatty Rolls, Burgers, to Smoke it all safe
       and securely through the paper!
     • Wrap raw or cooked meat for storage in the Fridge.
     • Cut for sturdy Restaurant tray liners, will not soften up & stick to meats and be eaten by Customers.
     • Make paper spirals to serve Hot Chips & Onion Rings.
     • Line Chip & Seafood Baskets. 
     • Use as trendy hygienic tablecloth and eat food safely directly off it.
    - Wrap individual Smoker meals the French way: en papillote  Wrap meat/fish, veg & potato.
    • Smoke Burgers on top of a Sheet so they don't stick to grill bars.
    •  Cook foods on top of an oil sprayed sheet placed on the BBQ Hotplate for a quick clean cooking surface. Fry eggs on it or cater for Vegans as it is free of BBQ meat juices & fats.  
    •  Paper packages can be secured in the Smoker with paper masking tape, if required. 

    Wrap Brisket, Pork, or Ribs, 2/3 through the cook to get up to internal Temp, and to Rest. 
    Unlike tinfoil, it doesn't steam and soften Bark, allows smoke through, absorbs fatty oils, and stays strong. 
    Don't be fooled by imitations, this is 100% FDA Approved CounterKraftTM 40# 65 GSM Pink Butcher Paper and is safe to store, cook, serve, wrap and to Smoke & Rest meats.
    Pink paper is porous to allow smoke in yet provides excellent holdout against grease and juices, it protects meat to keep every cut juicy while letting enough moisture out to retain that delicious Bark you created.

    Smoking Guru Aaron Franklin uses Pink Butcher paper to wrap his world famous BBQ briskets:-

    “The briskets need to stay covered so that the bark doesn’t get ripped off of them when they’re being thrown around. We also wrap them once we know we’ve gotten a certain amount of smokiness. I started using paper because it was cheaper than foil. Foil also gets things real steamy. I think foiled briskets end up a little pot-roasty for my taste, and the paper breathes a little better… It’s really there for protection, but an added side effect is that it helps retain moisture and good Bark.”