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    Smoked Jalapeno Chilli Sauce 150ml Medium 2 Chilli Heat. Won 2nd place in mild Chilli Sauce category at the 2015 Louisiana WORLD HOT SAUCE Awards! The Jalapenos were cold smoked with our Apple Wood Chips
    Silver Medal World Hot Sauce Awards 2015 Louisiana USA  Smoked Jalapeno
    Ingredients: Green Jalapeno's cold smoked with our Award Winning Apple Wood Chips. Green Jalapeno's are hotter than the Ripe Red ones. Add to Meats, Tacos, Enchiladas, Sauces, Salsa Dips, and Guacamole. 

    Contains Wild rocket, Garlic, Herbs, Spices, Cider vinegar.
    Great smoked jalapeno flavours similar to Chipotle.
    Hand crafted in St Kilda Melbourne by our friends: Melbourne Hot Sauce. All natural ingredients. No additives, fillers or extracts, Gluten and Dairy free, Vegan friendly.