Aussie BBQ Smoke Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips, Sawdust, Smoker Chunks. Chemical free Lump Charcoal

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    1/2kg of Australian Cherry Wood Chips double Cold Smoked with Cherry Wood.
    Fantastic Smokey aroma!  Smoke in 1/2 the time!

    Use these pre-smoked Chips in our Mo's Smoking Pouch or in a smoker can/box to easily smoke marinade your meats with great Cherry flavour in half the normal time. Use in a  Pot Pourri bowl in the house for that great smokey BBQ ambience.

    Use to Finish & Flavour distilled spirits like Bourbon, Vodka, or Schnapps. The Chips will absorb the alcohol and sink in a few days. They flavour the spirit in 1/10th the time of larger wood staves, due to their greater smoked flavoursome surface area.

    We have a commercial customer who soaks Smoked Chips in their honey for a few days, then strains them out. They end up with Smoked Cherry Honey!  

    Can also be used sparingly to flavour Smoked Beers. Adding Smoked Wood Chips to beer brewing is done in the fermenter, not the mash tun, it can add some interesting flavour to your homebrew as well as acting as a surface area to accelerate ageing. Smoked Cherry Chips adds a smoky sweet flavour with hints of Vanilla.

    Chips will float in Beer and it is important to keep the entire surface of the chip in contact with the beer during ageing. A hop bag weighted with some stainless steel bolts (or some other inert weight) will do the trick. Sterilize the bag, chips and weight with either steam or hot water. Cellar temperature (55° F) works well for the ageing step.

    Vigilance and restraint are required during ageing. Sample the beer on a regular basis — say once every three weeks — to keep tabs on its progression. The purpose is to prevent the beer from becoming excessively woody and bitter. The Chips should add complexity to the beer, but not dominate its flavour. Once the flavour reaches the intensity you desire, you can rack the beer into a second keg or bottle it. 
    Small chips can be hard to separate from the finished beer, so it is important to have them in a grain or hop bag so they can be easily removed after ageing.