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    We have a large supply of small size charcoal sorted from our Pure Murrumbidgee Red Gum Lump Charcoal for PICKUP ONLY, it works well for LownSlow BBQ'g if placed in a Charcoal basket with air underneath, it can also be use as a BioChar grade Charcoal soil conditioner, Water Retaining Mulch, Orchid Potting Mix, or Decorative landscaping Pebbles, or topping for Pots. 5-25mm pieces, pics shown with 20c coin. Diameters range between 4-25mm. Better than Pine Bark as no termites or bugs, birds won't flick it out looking for a feed. It doesn't blow around either.
    Shovel it into your own bags or containers and Pay just $1/kg !
    Cash Pickups available by appointment from our Carrum Downs 3201 Warehouse.

    Made from Pure Chemical Free Red Gum Tree Lump Charcoal.
    Acts as a soil conditioner, rotary hoe a layer into clay soils to aerate and retain water.
    Acts as water saving mulch for veggie plots or Gardens. reduces watering to once per week. 

    When mixed with soil, it increases water and nutrient holding capacity ensuring that your plants and crops prosper and stay healthy. Also looks great as landscaping ground cover or topping for plants or trees in Pots.

    There are many benefits to using BioChar grade charcoal including:
    – Adds structure to soil. Builds up sandy soils & makes clay soils more friable - easier to dig!
    – Holds nutrients in structure where plants can access them - Less fertiliser is therefore needed.
    – Habitat for beneficial bacteria that enhance plant growth.
    –  Returns carbon to soil.

    Much of Australian soil is carbon deficient and adding Biochar grade charcoal enriches the soil. While not a fertiliser it conditions the soil, reduces soil acidity, and importantly in our dry summers holds moisture for plants to access (less watering needed).