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    We are proud to offer an exciting new BBQ Smoking Product that we recently brought back from the U.S. to get tasty Smoke into a Gas, Electric, or Charcoal BBQ:- MO'S SMOKING POUCH ! This ad is for 2!
    Buy 2 for bags to simply swap out bags easily, for extended smoking time. 2 would cost $8 Postage. 

    The fine tough Stainless Steel mesh bag prevents the Chips catching fire, and is the cleanest way to easily smolder Wood Chips, Sawdust, Pellets, or our nutty flavoured Crushed Walnut Shells. It works like a Tea Bag, ash is held inside the pouch, so no mess in your Smoker. If you toss it on our ashless Murrumbidgee River Red Gum Charcoal, you will have no ash mess to clean up later. The mesh bag also acts as a heat shield between the hot coals and delicate foods like Fish, Veggies, Chicken Breasts etc.
    Width:165mm  Length:285mm  Weight:2 x 200g.
    Place 2 cups, approx 100g of Chips and pat down flat, then you can simply place on top of grill bars with burner on full till smoldering, but we suggest that you place it vertically down between 2 grill bars with direct heat on the Pouch or sit it on a gas burner or Diffuser Plate, or on hot coals, to smolder and generate tasty sweet smoke UNDER your Meats so that the smoke engulfs the meat. 
    TIP: Start Pouch smoldering immediately with our $20 Butane Blowtorch.
    Buy 1, or buy 2 for easy long smoking times, simply swap out bags easily. 2 would cost $8 Postage. 
    This is the new revised model made from sturdy Stainless Steel mesh, with easy to use engraved swing clip sealer, it is a Genius Idea and will last for years! 

    To refill bag, lift out and refill after it cools by swinging the clip open, or have a 2nd bag ready to pop in. This is much easier than using Smoker Boxes or tinfoil Pouch Burritos placed under the grill as they are very difficult to refill, and get covered with sticky meat juices.
    Smoke Marinading your meats adds much more flavour than any Rub or Sauce. 
    Cover meats in our CONVICT RUB or HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN for fantastic tasting black 'Bark' crust.

    Review from
    In recent years there have been perhaps a dozen new products brought on the market to hold wood and add smoke to the cooker. I have played with a number of them, and the one that impresses me the most is this clever design, especially for use with gas grills.

    It is a pouch of fine mesh 304 stainless steel that holds wood chips or pellets. The airspaces in the mesh are small enough that they limit the amount of air that gets in so the wood smokes and never bursts into flame. It puts out plenty of white smoke, usually within a few minutes. Best of all, it smokes just by putting it on top of the cooking grate or you can stand it on edge and slip it between the grates and the back of your grill. You don't have to squeeze it in down by the burners although you can if you need to space on top of the grates. And it works. It holds enough wood for about 15 minutes for short cooks, but you need to refill it, or buy a second pouch, for long cooks like pork shoulder and brisket. Refilling can be tricky since the steel gets hot and stays hot for a while. If you have good gloves, no problem. Gold BBQ Award